Ending employment

Strong leadership skills are the number one requirement when it comes to effectively manage people in your workplace. However, you also have the ability to properly interact with many different types of personality. Moreover, you also have the ability to maintain fair and impartial judgement.

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Ending employment

If you want to become an effective manager, you know and understand employment law, of training and motivating employees and giving constructive feedback to help with business development and personal and professional growth.

As the manager, you are responsible for taking the lead role in your workplace – you make the mandates and delegate the tasks and directives among your subordinates. This involves evaluating employees and making decisions about who is best suited to take on various assignments and providing detailed direction.

In addition, you are also charged with listening to employee concerns, mediating conflict among team members and ensuring all employees under his supervision feel confident and appreciated for the work they perform.

Good managers should also know how to train and develop their employees. So, you should consider investing in education and training suitable to perform their job functions. This involves screening and hiring the right candidates and providing them with pre-employment instruction related to their position, the company and their role in the workplace.

You should help him or her to reach his or her goals and objectives by providing regular evaluation and feedback on performance and the employee’s ability to meet position expectations.

Apart from treating your employees properly and helping their growth professionally and as a person, you should also know how to treat them properly even when they already decided to leave you. It can be due to resignation, redundancy or termination and dismissal; you also have obligations as the employer.

For more on ending employment, you should check out this helpful resource: https://www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.au/business-advice/employing-staff/ending-employment