2 simple steps to get more done in less time

Like most people, you probably have your new year’s resolution. It’s new year and you want to have a fresh start and become a better person. However, the problem with new year’s resolution is they don’t actually work. Why? Because they are simply a wish list motivated by feelings rather than by data.

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Do more in less time

After the long Christmas break, it’s actually more difficult to focus on your work whether you have a job or you manage your own business. The happy memories of the Christmas season are still in your mind so it’s actually tough to get more done in less time.

If you want to get more things done in less time, you first need to be strategic. You need to think about the reasons why you are not getting as much work done as you need to. Identify what you believe is the root of your problem with productivity, and think of solutions that address that issue. The normal causes a person to be unproductive include social media, multitiasking, chatty workmate, or you just feel tired. So if any of these distracts you from being productive, avoid it.

Once you’ve determined your distractions and found ways to avoid those, the next step for you is to learn how to prioritise. Know what tasks are more important than others. Work on your most important tasks before lunch time.

Moreover, if you want to become more productive, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself. Trying to do too much will only cause you stress, making you less productive and more anxious. So refine your to-do list, and be intentional about what needs to be done today.

Small adjustments can lead to more lasting changes, but those may take time and discipline. Check this interesting article and learn more information on how to do more in less time: https://www.flyingsolo.com.au/working-smarter/smart-time-investment-for-2019

Trends vs timeless; what style is best in the kitchen?

The kitchen is perhaps the most visited and the most functional room in the house. It is the area where we prepare our food and for most Perth residents with limited space, it is at the same time their dining area.

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Kitchen design

Many people consider their kitchens as their favourite, which is why they’ve always wanted to renovate their kitchens. Together with bathrooms, kitchens are the mostly renovated rooms. However, homeowners have to keep in mind that kitchen renovation is not an easy task, especially when choosing the design of your new kitchen.

Unfortunately, many homeowners have initiated their kitchen design without an understanding of the extent of what is actually involved in the process. When designing a kitchen, you need to consider the budget available, timeline and other issues.

Luckily for homeowners nowadays, we can find good articles online on how to get the perfect design for your kitchen. However, the challenge for homeowners is to determine which of these designs will suit their needs and wants.

Designing a kitchen for a new or existing home is a big investment in time, money and energy and it is sometimes stressful and challenging. However, most homeowners would say that the results of having a newly-designed kitchen is worth the effort and money they’ve spent for the renovation.

But before you start decide your kitchen design, you first need to determine your family, who uses your current kitchen and how, and discuss the conveniences you would like to have in the new version.

Don’t like other homeowners who design their kitchens based on trends. Interior trends have revealed over the decades some styles don’t stand the test of time. Instead, you can look for design elements that will keep your new kitchen timeless.

Here are some design elements you should keep timeless, and what you can inject some trends into: https://www.perthnow.com.au/lifestyle/home-decorating/trends-vs-timeless-what-style-is-best-in-the-kitchen-ng-b881056753z

Lessons on surviving seven years in business

If you’re an entrepreneur, what pushed you to start your own business? Perhaps, all entrepreneurs have one reason in common as to why they’ve built their business – they see potential. Potential excites aspiring businessmen, motivates them and drives them. The idea of potential propels them forward. Because they have the hope of seeing that start-up succeed, it also compels them to commit time and resources into their start-up business ventures.

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Starting a business

However, running a business is not that easy especially the early years. The true test of launching a start-up company is making it through these rough first years. Thus, one should have perseverance in order to succeed. You need to keep going!

At first it could be surprising, but the majority of successful business owners have more failures than successes. The only thing separating them from failure was their refusal to stop and their inability to simply call it quits. In order to keep up on today’s heavy hitters in the game is by having true determination. Also, it is what will keep you going further than you thought you had the strength to.

Another important thought to keep in mind is to focus not only on your problems, but opportunities as well. You should know how to divide your time on how handle both. Normally in entrepreneurship, there are so many issues to troubleshoot and problems to solve in the first years that it can really pull one’s attention away from opportunities.

Commit some time on thinking about new opportunities. Focusing on the opportunities and the potential is what ultimately powers you up. Work on the problems you face, but also carve out time to commit to new advances.

For more on surviving the first years in business, read this blog post: https://www.flyingsolo.com.au/startup/running-your-own-business-lessons-on-surviving

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