Considering a 2 storey home in Perth?

Do you want to build a new home but don’t have enough space? Narrow home lots pose many challenges to new homeowners, and the biggest of which is getting everything you want into a small space. Well, the solution to this is simple – two storey homes!

Two storey home builders perth
Two Storey Home

In Perth, Western Australia, finding a buildable land becomes a real challenge especially in areas near the metropolitan. And as these buildable lands decrease and become scarce, we see land prices rising. As a result, people who want to buy or build homes must rethink building designs so that they make sure they can get all the features and rooms they need in the space available.

Luckily for us today, we have some great home builders in our area that can provide us with efficient designs. With their help, you can build your dream home without sacrificing the features that you want. Please check out 2 storey display homes in perth to see efficient home designs for narrow lots.

We know that small land is a huge challenge for home builders – it seems that you need to make sacrifices either in the yard or inside the structure. The two storey housing designs provided by home builders are developed especially for tight lots.

Two storey homes maximise every inch of your small land area. How? This is done by creative designs which organise your rooms. For instance, the lower floor is dedicated to public functions such as entertainment areas, dining, kitchen, or common rooms like the living room. The second level on the other hand is where you add your bedrooms although in some designs, the master bedroom is located at the ground area.

Effectively separating the functions of the home into public and private is the beauty of two storey home designs. Many homeowners love this feature because it provides them with more usable space on the main level for entertaining without infringing on the family’s privacy.

Narrow lots provide many disadvantages. However, the key here is to embrace it and get the most out of it. Smaller properties may equate to smaller homes, but the good part about a small two storey house is it costs less and requires less energy to maintain and clean.