7 business leaders who are completely open about their struggles with alcohol and drugs

Drug and alcohol abuse is a growing issue in Australia and most countries all over the world. Of course, substance abuse has a huge impact on our lives and in business, there’s no exception. Alcohol and drug abuse can affect businesses in both financial and legal terms.

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Alcohol and drug abuse

According to certain studies, more than 16 million working days are lost annually due to alcohol misuse alone and it is estimated that more than 9 million employees have abused drugs. Abuse of alcohol or drugs can impair an individual’s ability to perform even normal, routine tasks and it also affects their ability to interact socially.

Alcohol and drug abuse truly have an impact on all areas of someone’s life as well as his workplace. It can cause employee absenteeism, accidents, negligence, poor productivity and overall dissatisfaction within small and large businesses all over Australia and the world. If you have employees who are under alcohol and drug abuse, they could put you as well as your business at high risk.

In addition to being risky to your business, substance abuse can also be a danger to themselves and those around them, leaving your business vulnerable to legal proceedings. To tackle this growing concern of substance misuse in workplaces, business owners should put in place a robust drug and alcohol workplace policy.

Your business should implement an effective drug and alcohol policy. This policy will protect your employees from the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, whilst also improving your profitability and overall success. Drug and alcohol screening is a valuable component of this policy.

However, a bigger problem actually if you are the one, the owner, is the one who is struggling with substance abuse. In fact, many business owners in Australia face the same struggle.

In this article, you can learn how to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Here are seven successful executives who have opened up about their past drug and alcohol use: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/business-leaders-who-openly-discuss-drug-and-alcohol-addiction-2019-12