Considering a 2 storey home in Perth?

Do you want to build a new home but don’t have enough space? Narrow home lots pose many challenges to new homeowners and the biggest of which is getting everything you want into a small space. Well, the solution to this is simple – two-storey homes!

Two storey home builders perth
Two Storey Home

In Perth, Western Australia, finding a buildable land becomes a real challenge especially in areas near the metropolitan. And as these buildable lands decrease and become scarce, we see land prices rising. As a result, people who want to buy or build homes must rethink building designs so that they make sure they can get all the features and rooms they need in the space available.

Luckily for us today, we have some great home builders in our area that can provide us with efficient designs. With their help, you can build your dream home without sacrificing the features that you want. Please check out 2 storey display homes in perth to see efficient home designs for narrow lots.

We know that small land is a huge challenge for home builders – it seems that you need to make sacrifices either in the yard or inside the structure. The two-storey housing designs provided by home builders are developed especially for tight lots.

Two storey homes maximise every inch of your small land area. How? This is done by creative designs which organise your rooms. For instance, the lower floor is dedicated to public functions such as entertainment areas, dining, kitchen, or common rooms like the living room. The second level, on the other hand, is where you add your bedrooms although, in some designs, the master bedroom is located at the ground area.

Effectively separating the functions of the home into public and private is the beauty of two storey home designs. Many homeowners love this feature because it provides them with more usable space on the main level for entertaining without infringing on the family’s privacy.

Narrow lots provide many disadvantages. However, the key here is to embrace it and get the most out of it. Smaller properties may equate to smaller homes, but the good part about a small two storey house is it costs less and requires less energy to maintain and clean.

Better Understanding about Oven Repairs

Oven Repairs

Modern innovations and technology have been so great addition to make our everyday lives easier. Homeowners now have the ability to cook on an electronic stove and use electricity. This is one of the biggest convenience electronic appliances have provided us, but this something that many people often take for granted.

Normally, we do not realise how important an electric stove is, but when it breaks and stops working, you might be a little more than overwhelmed with all of the things that you have to consider in order to make the most of your repair services. Take the time to check out all of your options, and make sure that you’ll get a reputable repair service like Expert Repairs (

When it comes to repairing services especially with electronic appliances, reputation is everything. Reputation should always be considered first and foremost because otherwise if you are not able to pick a reputed company like Expert Repairs cooking appliances, you will be selling yourself short. You can never pick a good company just by looking at their prices and the services that they offer. This is important, but making sure that they’re a reliable company is much more important.

Of course, price matters but only in relation to what you are getting. If you want to get the most from what you have paid, you need to pay more attention to what you get for the money than how much the service actually costs. The bottom-dollar price is important, but only because you need to make sure that you’re getting quality services for a good price.

More importantly, if you are not a repair expert, don’t attempt fixing the oven problem on your own. Oven repairs are not simple. The truth is that chances are good that you’ll end up spending more money than you intended on the services that you need in the end because you might not do things properly.


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Reasons Why You Should Get a Home Cleaning Service in Perth

Considering the set of activities that happens in your home everyday especially when you have small kids running around the house, keeping it clean is almost impossible. Furthermore, cleaning perhaps is the most challenging to do of all the chores that we need to do around our home. But thanks to home cleaning services, keeping our homes clean is no longer a huge problem.

home cleaning perth

There are numerous reasons why we often cannot keep our home dirt-free and sparkling, even if we want it. We work, we have other important things we need to do and most of the time – these things make us use up most of our energy and we went home, we do not have enough energy to wash the windows, to empty the garbage cans, mop the floor, etc.

So, homeowners nowadays are hiring Southern Cross Cleaning for your commercial cleaning needs instead of hiring maids. With these expert cleaners, you will observe outstanding cleaning results: they do it well, every surface is cleaned, vacuumed and dusted to your satisfaction and all the rubbishes in your home are properly removed.

When you hire home or office cleaning services in Perth WA, you do not have to worry about buying cleaning products. They have their own cleansers as well as cleaning equipment which they will use in cleaning your entire home.

Work health and safety risk management

Why is safety in your workplace in Perth so important? It is very important for each and every employee in the industry because all the workers want to work in a safe and protected environment. Health and are is the key factors for all the industries in order to promote the wellness of both employees and employers. As the employee, it is your duty and moral responsibility of the company to look after the employee’s protection.

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Workplace Safety

Each of you employees who leave his home expects that he’ll get back to his home after work safely and in good health. No one wants to go to work and not able to go home safely or get into the hospital due to an incident occurred. These thoughts only get us goosebumps. This is the only reason why it is important to create a safe working environment.

Nowadays, the world values nothing more than human life and safety. Hence, workplace health and safety are mandatory in every workplace and there are certain laws that protect the safety of both employees and employers.

All the industries do have safety and health risk preventions. However, every employer or manager should devote his time to think and strategise the things that what safety precautions are required in their company to make sure that their workers are safe enough for all the time – they need to implement effective work health and safety risk management.

Workplace health and safety management starts with being aware of their surroundings. There are many employees who don’t bother evaluating their surrounding hazards. But, it is important to observe your working circumstances. Once you get to know about the particular risks that occur at your workplace, then it will help you in reducing the risk and allow you to take the precautionary steps.

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He says/she says: How to work from home when you’re a couple

More and more people these days choose to work at home over working in a traditional office space. Sure, working at home requires no stressful commute, no toxic managers or co-workers to deal with, and you are able to prepare your own food, take care of your kids and work comfortably in your couch.

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Couple working from home

However, if you ask anyone who works at home or someone who runs his business remotely, you’ll know that it is not all unicorns and rainbows. In fact, certain studies show that while employees are more productive when they work outside of the conventional office, they’re also more vulnerable to working longer hours, a more intense work pace, work-home interference, and, in some cases, greater stress.

One of the challenges people who work at their home face is having both their personal life and work under the same roof. Some managers don’t like working remotely because they fear that employees will slack off without that physical, in-person oversight. But, in fact, the opposite tends to be the reality–remote workers are more likely to overwork because sometimes they are not sure when the workday start or end.

Another challenge working at home can bring is difficulty in prioritising work. Remote workings need to learn how to properly manage their time and how to motivate themselves. Otherwise, you’ll be constantly overlooking some of your tasks or manage your own time. While every worker might find it difficult to stick to a schedule and manage their to-dos, it’s especially challenging for remote workers who have more flexible.

Working at home has both advantages and disadvantages. Whether working from home suits you or not really depends on your personality, lifestyle and preferences. How about if you’re a couple? Is working from home ideal for you?

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Ending employment

Strong leadership skills are the number one requirement when it comes to effectively manage people in your workplace. However, you also have the ability to properly interact with many different types of personality. Moreover, you also have the ability to maintain fair and impartial judgement.

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Ending employment

If you want to become an effective manager, you know and understand employment law, of training and motivating employees and giving constructive feedback to help with business development and personal and professional growth.

As the manager, you are responsible for taking the lead role in your workplace – you make the mandates and delegate the tasks and directives among your subordinates. This involves evaluating employees and making decisions about who is best suited to take on various assignments and providing detailed direction.

In addition, you are also charged with listening to employee concerns, mediating conflict among team members and ensuring all employees under his supervision feel confident and appreciated for the work they perform.

Good managers should also know how to train and develop their employees. So, you should consider investing in education and training suitable to perform their job functions. This involves screening and hiring the right candidates and providing them with pre-employment instruction related to their position, the company and their role in the workplace.

You should help him or her to reach his or her goals and objectives by providing regular evaluation and feedback on performance and the employee’s ability to meet position expectations.

Apart from treating your employees properly and helping their growth professionally and as a person, you should also know how to treat them properly even when they already decided to leave you. It can be due to resignation, redundancy or termination and dismissal; you also have obligations as the employer.

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How millionaire Australian teenage entrepreneur Jack Bloomfield became an online e-commerce mentor

Ecommerce is one of the true revolutions of the World Wide Web – it has revolutionised the way we purchase and sell products and services. Nowadays, online shopping has become completely safe and convenient and one can purchase all kinds of products and services.

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Jack Bloomfield

Ecommerce is a billion-dollar industry composed of numerous online stores and online buyers. Since people have easy access to the internet, they can very conveniently do a comparative study of products they intend to buy without going anywhere. Also, when they buy online they get great bargains.

Ecommerce can opt for any type of sales or business. It can be for virtual or physical items. The sale can pertain to the day to day commodities, services, knowledge transfer, etc. One can shop almost everything available online with the advancement of eCommerce.

If you want to purchase something, you can see something that is put up for sale even at the opposite end of the world. What makes E-commerce a better sales option, is that you don’t need to step out of your home especially considering the busy lifestyle everyone has nowadays.

On the other hand, sellers can also greatly benefit from the popularity of eCommerce. By setting up a store for online selling, you don’t have to invest as big as compared to a brick and mortar store. When you set up a shop, you need to invest in interior design, rent, staff, electricity, water, and other things.

Marketing products and services online are cost-efficient. there are many methods for marketing online, such as social media, direct mails, online advertisements, banner advertisements, PPC marketing and more. In this process, it is possible to reach your consumers, update them about the latest offers and increase profits considerably.

Many have already found success in an eCommerce business. One of them is Jack Bloomfield, a millionaire and is now an online Ecommerce mentor. Read more about him at

What are your rights when your tenant stops paying rent?

When talking about investing in real estate, owning a rental property is arguably the most financially rewarding. The idea of buying a house or apartment and let other people live in it for rental profit may sound alluring. However, buying a rental property for income and long-term capital appreciation can have its ups and downs.

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Rental property

In managed properly, rental property investing is financially profitable compared to other forms of conservative investments such as bonds and dividend-paying blue-chip stocks. However, risks are always present in property investing especially because not everyone has the ability to manage property and tenants.

There are a number of pros to rental property investing. One of which is the tax benefits. The government tax authority allows you to deduct many expenses connected with rental property in the categories of ordinary and necessary expenses, improvements and depreciation. What this actually means is that you can deduct your insurance, interest on your mortgage, maintenance costs, and physical wear-and-tear on your property.

Rental properties are nice for seasonal rentals. For example, you can rent your property seasonally and use it for yourself for a couple of weeks or months annually. This will be just a small percentage of the number of days that you rent to others at a fair market price—and still, be able to deduct your expenses.

However, just like everything under the sun, there are also disadvantages of rental property. The most common problem landlord encounters are dealing with difficult tenants. There are some tenants that are needy or demanding, pay late, forget to turn off the water, and so on.

Being an owner and manager of rental properties is not for everyone. However, there are some things you can do when you experience problems with your tenants more specifically when they don’t pay their rent properly.

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2 simple steps to get more done in less time

Like most people, you probably have your new year’s resolution. It’s a new year and you want to have a fresh start and become a better person. However, the problem with a new year’s resolution is they don’t actually work. Why? Because they are simply a wishlist motivated by feelings rather than by data.

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Do more in less time

After the long Christmas break, it’s actually more difficult to focus on your work whether you have a job or you manage your own business. The happy memories of the Christmas season are still in your mind so it’s actually tough to get more done in less time.

If you want to get more things done in less time, you first need to be strategic. You need to think about the reasons why you are not getting as much work done as you need to. Identify what you believe is the root of your problem with productivity, and think of solutions that address that issue. The normal causes a person to be unproductive include social media, multitasking, chatty workmate, or you just feel tired. So if any of these distracts you from being productive, avoid it.

Once you’ve determined your distractions and found ways to avoid those, the next step for you is to learn how to prioritise. Know what tasks are more important than others. Work on your most important tasks before lunchtime.

Moreover, if you want to become more productive, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself. Trying to do too much will only cause you to stress, making you less productive and more anxious. To refine your to-do list, and be intentional about what needs to be done today.

Small adjustments can lead to more lasting changes, but those may take time and discipline. Check this interesting article and learn more information on how to do more in less time:

Trends vs timeless; what style is best in the kitchen?

The kitchen is perhaps the most visited and the most functional room in the house. It is the area where we prepare our food and for most Perth residents with limited space, it is at the same time their dining area.

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Kitchen design

Many people consider their kitchens as their favourite, which is why they’ve always wanted to renovate their kitchens. Together with bathrooms, kitchens are the most renovated rooms. However, homeowners have to keep in mind that kitchen renovation is not an easy task, especially when choosing the design of your new kitchen.

Unfortunately, many homeowners have initiated their kitchen design without an understanding of the extent of what is actually involved in the process. When designing a kitchen, you need to consider the budget available, timeline and other issues.

Luckily for homeowners nowadays, we can find good articles online on how to get the perfect design for your kitchen. However, the challenge for homeowners is to determine which of these designs will suit their needs and wants.

Designing a kitchen for a new or existing home is a big investment in time, money and energy and it is sometimes stressful and challenging. However, most homeowners would say that the results of having a newly-designed kitchen are worth the effort and money they’ve spent for the renovation.

But before you start to decide your kitchen design, you first need to determine your family, who uses your current kitchen and how, and discuss the conveniences you would like to have in the new version.

Don’t like other homeowners who design their kitchens based on trends. Interior trends have revealed over the decades some styles don’t stand the test of time. Instead, you can look for design elements that will keep your new kitchen timeless.

Here are some design elements you should keep timeless, and what you can inject some trends into your kitchen:

Lessons on surviving seven years in business

If you’re an entrepreneur, what pushed you to start your own business? Perhaps, all entrepreneurs have one reason in common as to why they’ve built their business – they see potential. Potential excites aspiring businessmen, motivates them and drives them. The idea of potential propels them forward. Because they have the hope of seeing that start-up succeed, it also compels them to commit time and resources into their start-up business ventures.

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Starting a business

However, running a business is not that easy especially the early years. The true test of launching a start-up company is making it through these rough first years. Thus, one should have perseverance in order to succeed. You need to keep going!

At first it could be surprising, but the majority of successful business owners have more failures than successes. The only thing separating them from failure was their refusal to stop and their inability to simply call it quits. In order to keep up on today’s heavy hitters in the game is by having true determination. Also, it is what will keep you going further than you thought you had the strength to.

Another important thought to keep in mind is to focus not only on your problems, but opportunities as well. You should know how to divide your time on how handle both. Normally in entrepreneurship, there are so many issues to troubleshoot and problems to solve in the first years that it can really pull one’s attention away from opportunities.

Commit some time on thinking about new opportunities. Focusing on the opportunities and the potential is what ultimately powers you up. Work on the problems you face, but also carve out time to commit to new advances.

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Debt consolidation and refinancing


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Debt issue is a matter to many Western Australians. If you feel that every month is a constant struggle with your bills piling up, then you definitely need to think of ways to avoid it; and the best way to do this might be considering debt consolidation.

What is debt consolidation and how does it can help you as an entrepreneur? Basically debt consolidation offers great support to business owners and self-employed individuals while budgeting and making financial decisions. A self-employed person is someone who operates a business or a profession as a proprietor, consultant, independent contractor, freelancers or someone in changeable employment. And since these people are financially viable, the cases of self employed debt consolidation have become considerably high to self-employed Australians.

Paying back multiple debts have long stayed a headache for many debtors, and a debt consolidation loan has been a primary solution of this phenomena. While you can benefit from consolidating your multiple debts with a debt consolidation loan, there are some risks that you need to beware of and avoid yourself from these risks.

Debt consolidation can help you resolve your current debt, but keep in mind that it could only save you AT THE MOMENT. It is just another loan that acts simply as replacement of you multiple debts. It allows you to combine all your debts into single debt and pay off with a new loan. And if not handled properly, it may causes you trap into more debts.

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